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The British Summer

Last months we were exceedingly excited about welcoming in the Spring to our cold, cobwebbed homes, but as per – the Brits had spoken too soon, and as I write this the weather is back to being grey, blustery and cold. We had a 'heat wave' for about three days where a duffel coat, brolly, and scarf weren't necessary, but alas, here at the Nutribeauty office we have decided to accept our fate and dig out the winter clothes we'd put away, as well as the winter beauty regimes. So ladies and gents, please get out the heavier moisturisers, the lavender body washes, and the intensive conditioning treatments, we're in for a cold one; but lets face it, Britain wouldn't be Britain without a hilariously rubbish summer.

The Beauty CV

The Beauty CV


SAMFARMER – a wonderful man who used to work in TV and married the delightful Caroline Quentin (Nutribeauty's official favourite female), being shocked in to submission by a trip to a supermarket where he wanted to buy he's two teenage children a deodorant he decided to start up the SAMFARMER brand, and here it is!


Whilst he sells each of the products separately, we decided to go wild and just get the pack – perfect for summer trips, sleepovers and everything in-between this pack is essential, brilliantly made and without an ounce of sexism or gender segregation.


Quite simply because teenagers deserve choice and the opportunity to decide who they are for themselves, and not to be pushed in to pink butterflies and blue race cars just because the big corporations say so. The products work a treat, are beautifully made, and work very well on the *not-so-teenage* skin of the Nutribeauty girls, mums and dads, it'll work on you too.

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The FreeFrom Skincare Awards took place last week and we are proud to say that we stock many of the winners. Ah yes, Nutribeauty is clean, green and definitely Free From. This month we are sending huge congratulations to overall winners Neal's Yard, who scooped gold in Best Brand, and as pioneers in the good, the great and the beautiful of natural skincare it was definitely deserved. Barefoot Botanicals were awarded Best FreeFrom Skincare Product, and as a brand that has always been true to its ethos, but never quite got the deserved recognition we are very happy indeed that it got to celebrate its goodness for once! And finally, super-duper Suti , who won several gongs for their range – huge congratulations to the ladies behind the brand, who have been with Nutribeauty since the beginning.

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